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Whatever your ability or fitness level, with our broad range of classes for body, mind, and soul - there’s something for everyone.

Pilates is a low impact form of exercise that aims to recondition the body through alignment, breathing and centring.


Barre takes its influence from Ballet, Pilates and Yoga to create a workout that tones the muscles and improves flexibility.


A series of dynamic and flowing classes with a restorative focus on breathing, mindfulness and relaxation.


Bring your body back into balance with a guided stretch class using precision of movement, controlled exercises and breath work.


This unique, fun and original workout strengthens and tones the whole body using resistance and body weight.


Missed a LIVE class? All our LIVE classes are archived so you can catchup whenever and wherever you want.

    Feel empowered and achieve your goals with one of our professionally coordinated programmes designed to make you feel amazing both inside and out.
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    4 Lessons
    ABC Body Focus

    Welcome to our ABC Body Focus series. Charlotte has put together some short high-energy Level 3 classes, great to get you sweating and that heart pumping. Each class will focus on a different area of the body, giving you a deep and full workout each time. Pick a class and let’s go!

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    6 Lessons
    Pilates at the Desk

    The average office worker will spend between 4 - 9 hours each day seated at their desk. This can have a severe and detrimental effect on both their mental health and physical wellbeing leading to physical complaints such as lower back pain, headaches, wrist ache, shoulder tension and leg pain. To help you alleviate some of the symptoms Grace has created a series of six easy-to-follow Pilates at the Desk classes.

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    14 Lessons
    Savvy4Life World Cruise

    Let's be honest, we could all do with a holiday right now. So if you're feeling the same, why don't you join us for our virtual 14 Day Cruise around the world!  Each day we will visit a different country where you will get to join us for a fun 10 - 15 minute workout, embracing the music and culture in a light hearted Savvy4Life way!

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    Find Your Element

    Find your element is a course of 5 Yoga classes designed to connect us with the Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether (or Space) elements. Understanding and connecting with how these elements are experienced within us offers us the wisdom and insight to know when they are out of balance, and how to attend to them in order to reinstate balance.

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    The Mat Evolution

    If you are new to Pilates and not sure which level to choose or where to start, then this is the perfect programme for you. In this short programme Emma takes a classic matwork class and evolves each exercise in difficulty as the levels increase.

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    37 Lessons
    Advanced Pilates Matwork

    Explore the Advanced Matwork with Clare and Emma as they take you through each of these Pilates exercises demonstrating and detailing the key elements of each movement.

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    10 TO ZEN

    A series of 10 Yoga classes dedicated to the ‘Yamas and Niyamas’ – the 10 principles outlined in the Yoga Sutras which lead us towards our own inner peace and away from the thoughts and actions which negatively impact our lives.

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    Getting back into the world of regular exercise can feel rather daunting for many of us. Well, it doesn’t have to be! With just 12 minutes of exercise a day, The Daily Dozen is the ideal way of getting started.

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    21 Lessons
    21 DAY RESET

    Start your journey here with this 21-day programme designed to get you back on track to being the best version of YOU. Enjoy a variety of different class styles including Pilates, Barre, ABC Fitness and Stretch classes. Your sessions will range in time from 10 minutes to 45 minutes.

      It's all about having fun!
      Join one or more of the online classes streamed LIVE each week from our studios in Cornwall.
      All classes are broadcast in High Definition and are perfect when you need that extra bit of motivation.
      UCN # 255
      Mon 26 April @ 7:00 pm
      Yoga Flow
      Lauren Bloxham
      Level: 2
      Minutes: 45
      Join Lauren for a dynamic and flowing class with a restorative focus on breathing, mindfulness and relaxation.
      UCN # 256
      Tue 27 April @ 7:00 pm
      Stretch & Release
      Clare Meardon
      Level: 1, 2
      Minutes: 45
      You don’t need to be flexible to stretch, we should all be doing it more than we are so join Clare for some guided stretches to help you loosen up and feel better.
      UCN # 257
      Thu 29 April @ 9:30 am
      Gentle Motion
      Clare Meardon
      Level: 1, 2
      Minutes: 45
      We all need to take a moment from time to time to reflect and find peace within by focusing on moving well. Take this time for you.

        Savvy4Life is made up of unique and diverse people who understand that we all have individual needs when it comes to our health and wellbeing. Our aim is to offer a realistic, balanced and sustainable approach to helping you achieve the best version of YOU.

        Your amazing team of professional teachers offer a wealth of experience and their goal is to present a safe, fun and challenging experience
        Clare Meardon

        I use Pilates to keep me young, physically speaking. Throughout my years of physical training there is not one other method that I have come across that works the spine, joints and muscles as thoroughly and functionally correctly as Pilates.

        Lauren Bloxham

        I originally trained as a yoga teacher with Lina Newstead and Cathy-Mae Keralse via the British Wheel of Yoga and hold a 500 hour teaching diploma.

        Emma Hunt

        Sport is really close to my heart but I have also suffered with injuries on numerous occasions. I found Pilates a few years ago now and it has taught me so much about my own body awareness, helped me to overcome an old back injury, allowed me to build strength and supported me emotionally.

        Grace Sellwood

        After practicing Pilates for many years I trained and gained my Pilates Matwork Teacher Training Qualification in 2013 with Pilates Foundation under the direction of Allison Swan. Since then I have taught weekly classes in the community for Cscape Pilates which is based in Penryn, Cornwall.

        Rose Clayden

        I was first introduced to Pilates through my dance training and continued to practice the method throughout my career as a movement teacher and performer. I am a qualified Level 3 Matwork Instructor dedicated to helping people move better and feel better.

          Finding balance is a lifetime project. It is a way of living, an ongoing process that can change in accordance with the world around you. Life is typically good at throwing us off balance when we least expect it. That is why it is good to know you are not alone.

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          I absolute love Savvy4Life’s classes. The Barre and Pilates are challenging classes but can be adapted for all abilities from absolute beginners to more hardcore fitness freaks like me!
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          I can't tell you how much I love Savvy4life! It has given me the confidence to exercise every day and to try new ways to work out. The workouts are fun, professional and positive…
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          I was recommended to try Pilates by my chiropractor to help my wonky back. It definitely helps and I have had regular lessons for lots of years I joined Savvy Studios when it opened, doing Barre and Pilates.
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          As a reluctant exerciser, my start with Clare was hesitant to say the least, however with her patience, positivity and great sense of humour she has encouraged and supported me to make unbelievable progress.
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