Emma Hunt

I qualified as a Body Control Pilates teacher after training alongside Clare at Savvy Studios who has been an amazing mentor and inspiration!

I spent younger years of my life being involved in competitive sport and more recent years snowboarding in the Alps on ski seasons and learning to surf in Australia.

Sport is really close to my heart but I have also suffered with injuries on numerous occasions. I found Pilates a few years ago now and it has taught me so much about my own body awareness, helped me to overcome an old back injury, allowed me to build strength and supported me emotionally.

Since qualifying I worked briefly with the Plymouth Argyle Ladies Football Team on Zoom during lockdown when they couldn’t train together and with Clare at Savvy4Life, both with Pilates classes and writing the nutritional content for the website which is really exciting. I have also recently trained for a Barre qualification which brings the precision of Pilates together with a fitness element which I love.

I have always eaten well but really became interested in nutrition when my mum became ill a couple of years ago. Since then I have made a conscious effort to learn more about what benefits we can naturally get from our food and how it can support our health. Plus, I am lucky enough to have a chef as a boyfriend so I have learnt a lot from him too. I find it fascinating and feel strongly about including good nutrition in an active lifestyle. I am excited to be able to share this and my Pilates practice with others too.




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