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The entire universe is made up of the five elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether (or Space) and our bodies are no different.

Each element has its own unique expression within us, it makes up a feeling and an experience.  Each element serves to support and balance the next, ultimately leading to a whole-body experience of homeostasis.  Many of us will resonate with one particular element, we might notice that we feel ‘grounded’ (Earth) or find it easy  to ‘go with the flow’(Water), we might say ‘we’re on fire’ (Fire) when things are going well and we notice rapid transformation or perhaps we feel ‘light-hearted’(Air) or even ‘spacious’ (Ether), each of these states of being relates to an element. 

Pay attention to the language you’re using in order to find clues to your own state of being and the element that is dominant in your own constitution.  Notice the people, places, situations and activities you feel drawn to and how they make you feel…. You’ll begin to notice the elemental qualities they resonate with within you and what it is you crave or stay away from.  Noticing empowers us to make choices, and it’s the accumulation of balancing choices which leads to balanced stated of body and mind.

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UCN # 203

More subtle than Air is Ether. Vast, infinite still and spacious ether. Ether is the space that holds all matter, it is the space that gives matter form. Mostly, we pay little attention to Ether, and more attention to what can be seen, heard, tasted and touched. But Ether, although subtle, is exceptionally powerful.

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UCN # 202

The qualities of air are more subtle that the previous elements. For a start air can’t be seen or heard, only its affects are registered through the senses, but it can be felt, and it is our first and most vital form of nourishment. In that respect air is in all that can be felt, but is not material, such as love, compassion, peace, bliss, harmony, understanding, empathy, unity and forgiveness (to name a few).

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UCN # 204

Fire radiates warmth and light. Fire is strongly connected to the earth element beneath it and needs the balanced qualities of air to burn well. Fire depends on regular fuel in order to burn and is literally transformative, turning wood to ash, creating warmth and radiance. Fire is in all that generates heat and light. The sun itself is the Fire element embodied, and whilst fire in balance is essential to life, fire out of balance can be devastating, think of wildfires.

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When we explore the water element, we connect with its qualities. Water is fluid, soft and yielding. But despite its softness it’s strength carves and shapes landscapes, gently yet with a powerful force. Water is in our oceans, our rivers and streams and our lakes. Water nourishes the earth when it rains, it’s in all that is fluid…

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UCN # 205

When we explore the element of earth we can begin to connect with its qualities. Earth is stable and solid. It provides a firm foundation from which we can build and extend in life. Earth is all matter around us. The ground itself, our homes our furniture our food our bodies. Earth provides structure, stability, safety and support.

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