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Welcome on board the Savvy4Life World Cruise!

Let’s be honest, we could all do with a holiday right now. So if you’re feeling the same, why don’t you join us for our virtual 14 Day Cruise around the world! 

Each day we will visit a different country where you will get to join us for a fun 10 – 15 minute workout, embracing the music and culture in a light hearted Savvy4Life way!

So what are you waiting for! Get on board and happy cruising.

UCN # 221
Day 14 - EGYPT

It's Day 14, the last day of our Savvy4Life World Cruise. Our final destination is the mysterious and breathtaking land of Egypt. Get ready to create the unique shapes and moves as we learn to walk like an Egyptian. Finally, thank you for joining us and we truly hope you've enjoyed the fun and light relief as we travelled around the world together.

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UCN # 212
Day 13 - AFRICA

Welcome to Africa, the most exciting and exhilarating destination on our Savvy4Life World Cruise! Get ready to go on a safari of dance, movement and rhythm with our tribal leader Grace. It’s going to be fierce and it’s going to be hot, get ready to give it all you’ve got!

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UCN # 222

It’s Day 12 of our Savvy4Life World Cruise and where better to visit than stunning San Tropez. Yes darling, beneath the expensive golden sunshine of this glamourous part of the world, you are invited to Clare’s luxurious villa for a fabulous, private Pilates session. Once we’ve finished darling, let’s do lunch.

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UCN # 213
Day 11 - IRELAND

Céad míle fáilte ! Welcome to Ireland, the land of myths and legends. They say that at the end every rainbow, there’s a pot of gold. Well, today you’ll also find a heart of gold and that of course is our priceless cailín Grace. Join her for a leg kicking, heart pumping fusion of Irish dancing and Pilates. As they say in Ireland, “It’s sure to be good craic!”

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UCN # 220
Day 10 - SEA DAY

Today is a ‘Sea Day’ which means we get to stay onboard and relax. With the sun high in the sky and the ship rocking gently, it's the perfect way to unwind and take things easy on board the Savvy4Life World Cruise, as we venture on to our next destination. Looking for something to do? Why not join Clare on the Spa Deck for some chilled-out Pilates and gentle stretching. Please bring a small towel with you.

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Day 9 - SPAIN

Ola and welcome to sizzling sunny Spain! You’ll be delighted to know that we have arrived just in time to join the wonderful Señorita Grace for yet another sensational class. Get ready to embrace the super Spanish music as you channel your body and dance to the moody moves and sassy sensations of this fabulous Flamenco class.

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It's Day 8 and today we are visiting bonnie Scotland. Yes, we are here in the magnificent highlands amidst the stunning beauty of the Scottish landscape and what better than to join Clare for a good old Highland fling. So, get those calves ready for a wee workout!

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UCN # 215
Day 7 - GREECE

Welcome to Greece, the halfway port stop of our world cruise. So, , how are you enjoying your trip around the world so far? We certainly hope you've been well looked after and are loving the cruise. Today we have arrived amongst the ancient ruins where Grace will teach you some traditional Greek dancing, but do be ready for some of her usual surprise additions. Have fun!

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UCN # 217
Day 6 - INDIA

Namaste and welcome to beautiful India. Get ready to tap into your inner Goddess and let the rich sounds of India guide and inspire you as Clare introduces you to the fabulous world of Bollywood.

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Day 5 - USA

Welcome to the USA! Get ready to join the amazing Grace for some heart pumping, cheerleading boot camp style conditioning. It’s gonna be sweaty! Remember – ‘One Team, One Dream USA!’

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It's ‘Day 4’ Savvy Cruisers and we have arrived at the port of Rio de Janeiro. In true Latin American style, we are going to be dancing and moving our bodies to the sumptuous and sensuous Latin beats. You’ll need a chair and not a care in the world as you let yourself be commanded by the provocative music. Get ready to set your body free!

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UCN # 210
Day 3 - HAWAII

Sunshine, sand, surf and smiles, welcome to the beautiful island of Hawaii! Start the day the Hawaiian way with Grace, by dancing and moving your body to the beautiful Hawaiian rhythms and let all of your troubles melt away.

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Day 2 - FRANCE

Ooh la la! Today Savvy Cruisers we are in Paris, France and what better to do than learn the Cancan with Miss Clare! Get ready to embrace the infectious gaiety of the French Cancan and learn the art of petticoat-swishing and high leg kicking. However, before you start, make sure all cats, dogs and kids are out of the way! Have fun xx

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UCN # 209
Day 1 - ITALY

Today we will be arriving in Italy and taking a trip to the stunning Italian Alps. Get your skis on and join Grace for an invigorating lesson prefect to get you ready for the slopes!

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