A contemporary adaption of the Classical Mat Exercises.

Welcome to the Advanced Mat Exercises.

Here you will find a reference list for advanced Pilates exercises from the Classical Pilates Mat sequence. 

Clare and Emma take you through each of these advanced mat exercises demonstrating and detailing the key elements of each movement.

Advanced Pilates exercises are meant to be practiced in the context of a variety of exercises at different levels that work together to create a balanced, dynamic workout. Before you add advanced exercises to your routine, you should have command of the beginner and intermediate exercises.

Please note, these advanced Pilates moves require experience and are not suitable for beginners.




UCN # 77
Push Up

Strengthens the whole body, especially the chest, shoulders, arms, back and seat.

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UCN # 76
Control & Balance

Strengthens balance and control, creating length and decompression in an inversion.

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UCN # 74

Provides a deep stretch of the whole front body including shoulders, chest, abdominals, hip fronts and knees.

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UCN # 72

This exercise is a great way to stabilise the hips, massage the spine and strengthen the abdominals.

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UCN # 71
Side Twist

Develop oblique abdominal strength and control, improving trunk flexibility (spinal mobility).

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UCN # 70
Kneeling Side Kick

Strengthens the hips and centre and tones the waist, as well as creating strength and stability in the torso.

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UCN # 69
Leg Pull Back

Strengthens and tones the arms, seat, and legs, creating lift and length in the upper body.

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UCN # 68
Leg Pull Front

Strengthens and tones the arms, seat, and legs and stretches the achilles tendon.

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UCN # 67

Strengthens the muscles of the back and lengthens the abdominal muscles.

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UCN # 66
Hip Circle

This exercise focuses on the abdominal muscles, also stretching the front of the shoulders, across the chest, and down the arms.

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UCN # 65

A great exercise for balance, strength and spinal mobility.

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UCN # 64
Prone Beats

This exercise tones and strengthens the back and insides of the legs, as well as improving hip extension.

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UCN # 63
Side Kick

Challenges and promotes the stability your pelvis and shoulder girdle in a side-lying position while strengthening the hip muscles.

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UCN # 62
Jack Knife

Builds strength in your abdominal muscles and stretches the muscles of your back and shoulders.

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UCN # 61
Spine Twist

Focuses on twisting the spine by lengthening and strengthening the muscles of the back and the abdominals.

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UCN # 60
Shoulder Bridge

This movement helps improves posture by opening in the front of the hip and building strength in the seat and back of legs.

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UCN # 59

This exercise allows you to work your legs, buttocks, abdominals, shoulders, and arms all at the same time.

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UCN # 58

This exercise provides an intense workout for the abdominals, also stretching and strengthening the hamstrings and hip flexors.

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UCN # 57
Neck Pull

This is a challenging exercise for the abdominals and requires back flexibility to perform correctly.

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UCN # 56
Double Leg Kick

Focuses on back, hip and leg extension, while also stretching and opening the upper back and chest.

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UCN # 55
Single Leg Kick

This move strengthens your hamstrings, upper back, and abdominals.

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UCN # 54
Swan Dive

Strengthens the back muscles while also stretching out the front of the body, making it a full-body exercise.

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UCN # 53

This exercise involves an intricate back and hamstring stretch.

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UCN # 52

This high-intensity exercise is great for strengthening and balancing the whole body, especially the abdominals and hip flexors.

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UCN # 51
Open Leg Rocker

A deep abdominal control exercise that massages and stretches the back.

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UCN # 50
Spine Stretch Forward

A flexion exercise done with the centre lifted with the emphasis on stretching the spine.

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UCN # 49
Criss Cross

This exercise focuses on the abdominals with a special emphasis on the obliques.

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UCN # 47
Single Straight Leg Stretch

Strengthens the powerhouse and promotes a stretch of the back of the leg and hip flexor.

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UCN # 46
Double Leg Stretch

Abdominal strength and endurance working from the centre of the body.

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UCN # 45
Single Leg Stretch

Strengthens the abdominal muscles and massages internal organs and digestive system.

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UCN # 44
Rolling like a Ball

Stimulates the spine, deeply works the abdominals and tunes us into the inner flow of movement and breath in the body.

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UCN # 43
One Leg Circle

Stabilises the core while strengthening and mobilising the hips.

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UCN # 42
The Roll Over

Massages the spine and stretches the neck and back, whilst encouraging fluidity and control in the body.

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UCN # 41
The Roll Up

A great challenge for the articulation of the spine through using the powerhouse.

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UCN # 40
The Hundred

A breathing exercise to stimulate the heart and lungs and get blood circulating from head to toe.

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