At Savvy4life we’re not here to tell you that you need to change anything about yourself. We don’t promote changing your body in any way that makes you feel less worthy of self-acceptance just as you are or that perpetuate limited and often impossible beauty standards.

Body image is one of the most challenging things we face as individuals and because of the culture we live in it’s only natural to want to work towards being a better, fitter, and more toned version of yourself. Of course, changing our body can help us “feel better” because our culture praises appearance and tells us our self-worth is built on our appearance. When we feel like we are fitting in with what society deems acceptable, we will naturally feel better. The thing is, this behaviour and way of thinking isn’t sustainable and it almost always leads to disappointment, frustration and unhappiness because our mind is where we need to focus a lot of the work.

Wanting to change your body isn’t wrong but it’s so important to be mindful of where the motivation comes from. With this in mind, our goal is to empower and motivate you to make positive and, more importantly, sustainable changes for your mind and body using engaging and supportive movement, mindfulness and nutrition classes. Our classes are designed to nourish and strengthen your mind and body in order for you to lead a more fulfilled life. Might you get a peachy bum along the way? Better posture? More strength? More flexibility? More energy? All over muscle tone? Absolutely! But you’ll also get a strengthened sense of self, of mind and of heart. 

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