Arms & Shoulders, Back & Abs, Legs & Bum with a dash of Cardio & HIIT – the perfect recipe for all over body fitness.

Hi ,

Welcome to our ABC Body Focus series.

I’ve put together some short high energy classes, great to get you sweating and that heart pumping. Each class will focus on a different area of the body, giving you a deep and full workout each time.

With some of the exercises, I will offer alternative adaptions so make sure you choose what’s best for you.

Remember, work at your own pace and if you need to stop for a rest, that’s absolutely fine.

Pick a class and let’s go!

Charlotte xx

UCN # 243

63 Minutes

A class to work and tone those arms from shoulders to fingertips! Shoulder, bicep and tricep exercises all the way through to a powerful press up set to finish. Guaranteed to leave your arms feeling super worked, show me the guns!

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UCN # 244

Abdominal and back exercises to strengthen and tone your central powerhouse. Working into the deep abdominal muscles, engaging through the back, lengthening through the spine and finishing with a spiral stretch to recenter.

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UCN # 245

In this short session we are concentrating on legs and bums. Get ready, buns of steel here we come! Standing, side lying and bridging exercises for an all round bum and leg workout.

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UCN # 246

Let’s do this! A series of cardio exercises to build that sweat and energy leading into an electric HIIT mini session to leave us feeling powerful and strong.

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