It takes around 21 days to make or break a habit and create positive changes. It also takes 21 days of self-belief, determination and willpower to allow those changes to become part of who and what you are.

The 21 Day Reset programme provides you with the opportunity to begin a journey of positive change and onto a path towards a healthier, stronger and more empowered you.

How it Works

Each day of the 21 Day Reset programme is made up of two sections:

  • Class activity with Clare
  • Nutritional information with Emma

Class activity with Clare

Throughout the programme Clare will present a combination of classes including Pilates, Barre, ABC Fit and Stretch classes. Each workout will range in duration from 10 to 40 minutes and over the 21-day period the intensity of the exercises will increase as you get stronger.

The aim is to complete one class each day. If you miss a day, don’t worry. You can either double up on your classes the next day or just take a few extra days to complete the programme. Whatever’s easiest. One very important element of the programme is that you enjoy it!

Nutritional information with Emma

As well as completing your daily classes, why don’t you use this opportunity to become more ‘Nutrition Savvy’ and perhaps consider including more healthy food choices as part of your daily routine. To help you out, each day includes an additional section under the Class Content where Emma explores the importance of nutrition and investigates how it impacts our bodies and overall wellbeing. Not only that but there’s also a couple of fun quizzes so make sure you read each nutrition topic!

Remember, changing a habit can be challenging but it only needs to be little steps and one day at a time. We want you to be assured that you will see wonderful results both physically and mentally when you embrace all that Savvy4life has to offer. Starting with the 21 Day Reset programme will allow you to kick start your habits and find yourself again. Once you feel that inner power you will be unstoppable!


One important thing to remember each day is that, once you have completed a class with Clare or indulged in the Nutrition and Food Fun section with Emma, you must click on the big green button once you have completed each section. 

The button is situated below each activity and clicking it will help you to keep track of your progress. Don’t worry if you ever forget to click it. You can always go back and click it when you do remember.

Please check with a medical professional if you have any concerns regarding your ability to safely participate in any of the online classes

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