Rose Clayden

I am a qualified Level 3 Matwork Instructor dedicated to helping people move better and feel better.  I was first introduced to Pilates through my dance training and after continuing to practice the method throughout my career as a movement teacher and performer I made the decision to train as a Pilates Instructor with Body Control Pilates so the I could share the many benefits of the practice with others.

I honestly love movement in any form, and a lot of the classes I teach tend to focus on fluid, flowing movements that feel good for the body.  I particularly love Pilates because of how it encourages us to move consciously and with a feeling of control. I feel like once you’ve got a handle on that, the possibilities for movement exploration and joy are endless.

I love seeing the positive effect Pilates can have on a person’s attitude towards their own body.  Sometimes the changes can be gradual and imperceptible at first but then suddenly there will be a breakthrough moment and they’ll realise that they can do something they never could before, gaining a new found appreciation for their body. 

One of the best things a client ever told me was that their Pilates practice meant that they could now put their socks on without having to sit down, those little things can be game changers.

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