Clare Meardon

I discovered Pilates whilst training as a professional dancer at Performers Dance College. I was initially using it as a form of injury prevention and rehabilitation from the general stresses placed upon a dancers body, however, approximately 10 years after starting to use Pilates, when I used it more regularly, I realised the great toning and lengthening affect it was also having on my body.

“In 10 sessions, you feel better, 20 sessions you look better, 30 sessions you have a completely new body.” Joseph Pilates.

I use Pilates to keep me young, physically speaking. Throughout my years of physical training there is not one other method that I have come across that works the spine, joints and muscles as thoroughly and functionally correctly as Pilates.

Joseph Pilates said, “If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.”

My Pilates teacher training was with Body Control Pilates in Central London who offer an unrivalled teacher training program. Body Control Pilates is widely seen as a benchmark for safe and effective teaching of the highest quality, with teachers working internationally, Body Control Pilates is Europe’s largest professional Pilates Organisation and I am very proud to have received this prestigious training.

Having had over 15 years of a career as a professional dancer I decided to train as a Pilates teacher, initially to enhance my current dance teaching. However my passion for the method soon took over and I started teaching a range of people of all ages and backgrounds.

I am passionate about Pilates and my motivation as a teacher is to see positive change and progression within my clients, their posture, health, happiness and physical fitness. To be healthy is to be happy, and happiness is what life is all about.

I am now a specialist in Matwork – including Advanced Mat, Reformer, Pre and Post Natal, Bone Health as well as being a Supervising Teacher for Body Control Pilates, helping to keep the standards of Pilates high in the South West of UK.

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