I absolute love Savvy4Life’s classes.  The Barre and Pilates are challenging classes but can be adapted for all abilities from absolute beginners to more hardcore fitness freaks like me! 

These classes are kind to the body whilst still toning, stretching and strengthening the muscles.  I’ve always worked out at a gym and never thought I’d enjoy exercising at home, but having live classes as well as the prerecorded ones means I still feel I have to get ready and be on time for my class.  If I do miss a class, I can do it later.    The Savvy4Life instructors are fun and have a lot of experience.  They give variations to exercises so if you have any problems with bad backs, hips, etc, there is always an alternative.  The Pilates is amazing for helping me with my injuries by strengthening the muscles to help support my weak areas.  I definitely feel a difference if I don’t do the classes!


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