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Welcome to our Full Body Conditioning series.

Here you’ll find three levels of full body conditioning workouts.

Start with Level 1 and take your time to progress. I would recommend trying to do a workout three times a week and only move up to the next level when you feel ready to progress.

The programme increases in intensity over the three sessions with the aim of developing strength, stamina and endurance.

There are of course regressions given when necessary and as always, work at your own pace and within your own capabilities. If you need to stop for a rest, that’s absolutely fine.

Remember, there are NO expectations so stick with it and you’ll reap the benefits.

All sessions cover the lower body, upper body and core in that order.

Let’s go!


Full Body Conditioning - LEVEL 3

You’ve made it to Level 3! Get ready to feel the burn as we increase the intensity once again. If you followed this programme from the beginning you will have developed the strength necessary to see you through this workout. Be brave and go for it! You’ll need a loop and a mat or carpeted area.

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UCN # 248
Full Body Conditioning - LEVEL 2

In Level 2 we will increase the intensity and push harder but don’t be afraid to use regressions if needed. Remember the focus is always on safe technique and working within our own limits. You’ll need a loop, a Yoga block or thick book, a wall and a mat or carpeted area.

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UCN # 247
Full Body Conditioning - LEVEL 1

30 Minutes

Level 1 introduces you to the programme and goes through the key exercises with a focus on the technical elements necessary to progress safely and correctly. You’ll need a suitable chair, a loop, a wall and a mat or carpeted area.

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