About Us


Savvy4Life offers its members the highest level of professional teaching including a broad range of fitness and wellbeing classes, with the aim of promoting healthier lifestyles, improved wellness and positive mental health. Our Live and On-Demand classes include Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Dance, Stretch and ABC Fitness. A variety of health and wellbeing workshops are also included throughout the year.


Our Ethos

We recognise that in the busy and ever changing world we live in, achieving a healthy lifestyle balance is not always easy! We are therefore committed to offering creative, stimulating and inclusive content with a focus on inspiring our members, regardless of their age or fitness level, to take small steps in promoting their physical and emotional well-being through engaging in our carefully crafted and professionally presented classes. Our values are built on the fact that we are all unique and as individuals we should be able to feel positive, confident and happy about being who we are. As well as encouraging and promoting regular exercise and balanced nutrition, we also have a focus on the importance of including mindfulness as part of our members self care routine.


Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our members a creative and supportive online community, where people feel safe and confident to explore their inner strength and discover, accept and embrace their own uniqueness as they enjoy a healthier and happier approach to their daily lives.


Our Aims

We aim to present inspiring, creative and challenging classes with a supportive and inclusive approach where our members feel challenged but able to achieve and experience successful outcomes.

We will endeavour to ensure that our teachers and instructors meet the highest standards in terms of provision and expectations.

We will encourage our members to embrace and connect with their own unique and individual selves, with the aim of guiding them away from the destructive pressure and influence of targeted advertising, which has such a profound and negative impact on the mental health of so many individuals within our community.