Evolve your understanding of the Pilates method

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Welcome to The Mat Evolution. In this programme, I will take you on an evolution of the Pilates matwork, building from beginners level through to more advanced exercises. I have carefully structured the classes so each one is a progression of the last, with the aim of progressing your physical ability as well as your understanding of the Pilates method.

If you aren’t sure of what level you are or where to start, this is the perfect programme for you as you can start with Pilates Level 1 and move forward or regress where necessary, to suit your body.

Remember, you can repeat each class as many times as you like and doing this is a great way to work on your technique and build confidence and strength.



One important thing to remember is that, once you completed each of The Mat Evolution classes with Emma, click on the big green button situated at the end of each class page. This will show you have completed the class and be added to your progress. Simple!

Don’t worry if you ever forget to click it. You can always go back and click it when you do remember.

Please check with a medical professional if you have any concerns regarding your ability to safely participate in any of the online classe