Barre is a low impact (no jumping!) class which draws its influences from Ballet, Pilates and Yoga!
During a workout, we combine exercises at the Barre with various props, helping you tone the entire body without leaving a muscle behind! Ever wondered why dancers have such lean muscles? Meet me at the Barre and I’ll show you how!
What will Barre do for me?
Barre is a great all-round workout. It is known for toning every muscle in the body, especially legs, bums and tums! Positive results include:

- Reducing and eliminating back pain -

- Helping towards weight loss when combined with healthy eating -

- Increased flexibility -

- Improved core and physical strength -

- It's challenging but its FUN! -


Our Barre Classes

Barre involves working the muscles in a way that ensures there is a continuous effort from the core. We aim to fatigue the muscles by using small pulse like movements. This in turn trains the core muscles to be more active resulting is better strength, tone and definition. We often use the small equipment such as over balls, stretch bands and loops (often referred to as the “loops of death!”) Once you’ve felt the burn you’ll understand why!

At Savvy4Life we offer three levels of Barre:

  • Level 1 – Perfect for beginners, taking you through the basics of alignment and core stability.
  • Level 2 – Suitable for improvers. We’ve increased the challenge so embrace the ‘shake’! 
  • Level 3 – If you’re looking for the real burn this is for you! There’s no hiding!

If you have never done Barre before, we would always recommend starting at the beginning. Don’t worry, even in a beginners class you’ll feel the burn! 


During a Barre class, equipment can be introduced in order to support or further challenge certain exercises. This could include using some of the following:

  • Over ball
  • Stretch band
  • Loops
  • Magic circle 
  • Foam roller
  • Swiss ball
  • Light weights

Your Savvy4Life online class will always detail any equipment you may require for your chosen Barre session.

Who are the classes suitable for?

Barre classes can be as challenging as you want them to be and will certainly get your heart pumping. The exercises are all low impact and we would encourage you to work at a comfortable level. During a workout, if you need to shake off a burn or catch your breath then that’s absolutely fine. Just take it at your own pace and build up slowly – you’ll get there. Just remember to enjoy the ride!

Barre - Bum and Leg Focus
Check out this 5 minute example of a Barre class with Clare. Remember, you can try out the full version by signing up to our 7 Day Free Trial


If you have any concerns about your health or your ability to safely participate in any of the classes, we strongly recommend that you consult your medical practitioner before attempting a class.


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