Pilates is a low impact form of exercise that aims to recondition the body through alignment, breathing and centring.
During a Pilates class you will be guided to move your body in many different ways. This movement will always be applied with a controlled approach, taking care to preserve, maintain and improve the condition of the joints avoiding undue pressure or stress being placed upon them.
What are the benifits of Pilates?
Pilates has a wealth of proven benefits, especially when practised safely and included as part of a healthy routine. Positive results include:

- Reducing and eliminating back pain -

- Increasing range of movement at the joints, therefore making you more mobile and flexible -

- Helping towards weight loss when combined with healthy eating -

- A better sense of wellbeing -

- Improved sleep -

- Better circulation -

- Decreased stress and anxiety levels -

- Improved core and physical strength -


Our Pilates Classes

At Savvy4Life we aim to ensure that there is a broad range of classes available for students of all ability levels. If you have never done Pilates before then we would strongly recommend starting at one of our lower levels, even if it seems easy at first. Pilates is often very detailed with the smallest movements being of the greatest benefit. Therefore it is important to be safe and take your time, slowly building up to the more challenging levels. In doing so, you will become stronger, more balanced and reap the benefits! Just remember, if you ever feel uncomfortable or out of your depth doing an exercise, leave it out! 

Our Savvy4Life online Pilates classes include the following levels:

  • Gentle Pilates – The easiest form of Pilates which can even be done sitting in a chair.
  • Level 1 – Easy but with some challenging elements.
  • Level 2 – Perfect for improvers and individuals who want to really refine their technique.
  • Level 3 – Suitable for more seasoned Pilates students.
  • Advanced Pilates – These classes are based on the Classical Pilates Mat Work and can be super challenging. Only suitable for experienced students.


The most important item you will need for your class is a mat or a carpeted area. Most of the Pilates matwork repertoire can be done without the use of any equipment. However, equipment can be introduced in order to support or further challenge certain exercises. This could include:

  • Over ball
  • Stretch band
  • Loops
  • Magic circle 
  • Foam roller
  • Swiss ball
  • Light weights

Your Savvy4Life online class will always detail any equipment you may require for your chosen Pilates session.

Who are the classes suitable for?

Due to the controlled nature and low impact of Pilates, it is suitable for everyone. Regardless of your fitness background, there is always an appropriate level for you. Many of the exercises can be modified to accommodate your individual needs. Your online teacher will offer suggested modifications and variations but remember to always listen to your body.

Pilates - Core strength and stability
Check out this 5 minute example of a Pilates class with Clare. Remember, you can try out the full version by signing up to our 7 Day Free Trial


If you have any concerns about your health or your ability to safely participate in any of the classes, we strongly recommend that you consult your medical practitioner before attempting a class.


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