Dancing is one of the most enjoyable and accessible forms of physical exercise where you can actually workout with a smile!
At Savvy4Life we offer a broad and exciting variety of dance classes, ranging from dance fitness to technical Ballet classes.
With so many styles to choose from, why not give them all a go!
What will Dancing do for me?
Dancing has so many benefits from challenging the brain to conditioning the body. It is a great and fun way to keep fit! Positive results include:

- Helping towards weight loss when combined with healthy eating -

- Reducing tension in the body -

- Improving your self confidence -

- Better core and physical strength -

- Improved co-ordination -

- Helps reduce stress and anxiety -

- It can make you HAPPY! -


Our Dance Classes

At Savvy4Life we aim to ensure that there is a broad range of dance classes available for students of all ability levels. Our dance classes are generally 30 mins long and the level or the class will vary depending on the class you do. Class levels are always noted in the class details so check this out before taking a class. It’s great to attempt a class that will challenge you but it is key that you stay safe and pick a class you’ll enjoy. After all that’s what dancing is all about!

Our Dance Teachers

All of our teachers are fully qualified and experienced dancers and dance teachers. Many have a very successful career having spent years performing professionally and have a broad range of expertise in many dance styles. When you choose a class, included in the details will be a link to your teachers profile, where you’ll be able to find out all about them.


Some of our Savvy Silver Ballet classes are done seated a chair. If you are doing one of these classes make sure you use a sturdy chair with no arms and you can place your feet flat on the floor. For the rest of our classes you just need to make sure you’ve got space. Make sure the television is out of range, the vase is safely stowed away and you’ve put any animals and/or children out of range, unless of course they are going to join in with you! We would suggest trainers for Dance Cardio and Latin Fit, and Ballet shoes if you have them for the Ballet classes.

Who are the classes suitable for?

Dance is perfect for everyone! It’s a great way to get the endorphins rushing through the body and boosting your mood. The great thing about dance is that you can come at it at any level, regardless of your fitness, and reap the benefits.Whether you engage in our Savvy Silver Ballet classes or join one of out high energy level dance fitness classes, there is something for everyone.


If you have any concerns about your health or your ability to safely participate in any of the classes, we strongly recommend that you consult your medical practitioner before attempting a class.


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