ABC Fitness
ABC is Absolute Body Conditioning.
This unique and original Savvy4Life workout provides a dynamic and fun session that helps strengthen and tone the whole body, without the need to lift heavy weights or use machines. It's just you and your body.
ABC uses the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) approach. Studies show that this style of training burns a higher amount of calories due to the shorter and more intense bursts of activity. Try to push yourself to the max on every section - we push hard and relax for a few seconds and then go again!
What will ABC Fitness do for me?
ABC Fitness provides a full body workout. The harder you work the more you will gain. Positive results include:

- Toning every muscle in the body especially upper body and core -

- Burning more calories -

- Getting stronger and creating long lean muscles -

- Leaving you invigorated at the end of a class -


About ABC Fitness

ABC Fitness is a whole body conditioning workout which combines basic equipment along with your own body weight to create a challenging and effective workout. Following the HIIT structure of training, workouts are structured into challenging sets with short rests in between. ABC Fitness aims to take you to the maximum of your ability so get ready for a great workout!

At Savvy4Life we offer three levels of ABC Fitness:

  • Level 1 – Perfect for beginners, introducing you to correct and safe technique.
  • Level 2 – Suitable for improvers with more challenging and longer sets. 
  • Level 3 – If you’re looking for the real challenge this is for you!  

If you have never done ABC Fitness before, we would always recommend starting at the beginning. Don’t worry, even in a beginners class you’ll be challenged!


During an ABC Fitness class, equipment will sometimes be introduced with the aim of supporting or further challenging certain exercises during sets. This could include using some of the following:

  • Over ball
  • Stretch band
  • Loops
  • Magic circle 
  • Foam roller
  • Swiss ball
  • Light weights

Your Savvy4Life online class will always detail any equipment you may require for your chosen ABC Fitness session.

Who are the classes suitable for?

ABC Fitness classes can be accessed by most people. You may find ABC Fitness challenging if your upper body strength is not great yet but this does not mean you can’t do it. Many of the exercised can be modified to accommodate your individual needs. Quite often you will be able to adapt an exercise and this will be presented by the class teacher. For example, if you can’t support yourself in a plank, an alternative is to do it against a wall! 

ABC Fitness
Check out this 5 minute example of a ABC Fitness class with Clare. Remember, you can try out the full version by signing up to our 7 Day Free Trial


If you have any concerns about your health or your ability to safely participate in any of the classes, we strongly recommend that you consult your medical practitioner before attempting a class.


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