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Welcome to The Chakras Demystified.

The chakras are a way of identifying, organising and balancing the energy of the subtle body.  The subtle body is that part of us which isn’t physical, it’s our presence, our vitality, our sense of aliveness, the trust we have in ourselves and faith in the bigger picture.  We speak about our energy often, although we may not notice or equate it to our subtle body.  We may say we feel ‘at home’, or ‘grounded’.  Maybe we feel as though our ‘feet haven’t touched the ground’ or that a situation has ‘discombobulated us’.  Maybe we recognise tension or atmosphere within a room.  Whatever language we use, we can begin to notice and relate to it, in deeper and more meaningful ways. 

Each chakra is associated with a point within the body where we take in, assimilate, and release energy, each point corresponds to an area of the body and ascends from the base of the spine to the crown of the head with ever more subtle qualities.  The skin, bones, organs, nerves, hormones and energy flow within each area can be affected by the quality of energy available, how well-nourished the energy is, how well we can assimilate and absorb it and how efficiently we can let go of that which doesn’t serve us.  Focusing our Yoga practice on each chakra becomes about clearing physical space, unravelling the tensions and working into tight muscles in and around that area.  We build strength and space within the system so that our subtle energy can flow un-hindered, and support the healthy function of the system.

The Chakras De-mystified is a journey through the 7 chakras over 7 classes.  Beginning at the root chakra at the base of the spine, or muladhara chakra as it’s named in the yogic tradition, and working up to the Crown chakra, sahasrara chakra, at the crown of the head.  The aim is to bring awareness to the subtle body in each of these areas, and the qualities of our own personal power within these areas.

Join me on this journey of energy, balance and personal connection.


UCN # 198
The Root Chakra

45 Minutes

Connecting to our bodies through movement of the feet, legs and buttocks can draw our awareness downwards, and this is the connection we need to make in order to begin the journey of cultivating a healthy balanced relationship with the root chakra.

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UCN # 199
The Sacral Chakra

Connecting to the pelvis and hips, when we come to the sacral chakra energy we connect with a sense of trust in our vital energy and its flow. Whether we experience the flow of ideas, creativity, emotions or movement, we nurture and birth our ideas and our creative pursuits just as we nurture and birth our children.

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UCN # 197
The Solar Plexus

35 Minutes

Connecting to the abdomen and the processes of digestion we get a real sense of the power within us to change and transform; we literally transform food into the building blocks of the cells of our body. It’s also the power we have to focus and bring clarity through challenge, literally transforming challenge into asset and knowledge into wisdom.

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UCN # 196
The Heart Chakra

45 Minutes

When we connect to the heart space, we connect with all that is loving within us. It’s in this space that we can extend compassionate touch, reach out and hold, hug and extend comfort to those in need. It’s also the place of self-acceptance where, in balance, we can extend compassion, hold ourselves and comfort ourselves when we’re in need.

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UCN # 200
The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is about resonance, it’s the place where we express our basic vibration, we emit on our voice the very essence of what we’re feeling. Regardless of the words said, the voice carries the truth. Often what’s true for us can’t or won’t be said, but the health of this chakra depends on us being able to freely self-express, to speak our truth.

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UCN # 256
The Third Eye Chakra

When we come to the energy of the third eye chakra, we connect with our perception of the world. How we see things. We can often feel overwhelmed with information and knowledge to the point that decision making is hard. But it’s when we bring our inner vision to life, our intuition that we can become discerning about decision making.

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UCN # 257
The Crown Chakra

The energy of Sahasrara chakra is the most subtle of all, and therefore easily overlooked, but it’s the quality of union, the coming together of thought and wisdom, of physical and metaphysical, of knowing that we can trust and believe in that which is beyond knowledge.

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